What We Believe

This is the part of a church website where we are supposed to list our 29 statements of belief, so you can see if your doctrine matches our doctrine.  

 We're not going to do that (though we are happy to engage that conversation with you one on one).

At One, we have one clear purpose: to invite people into their rightful place in the family of God.  Here in Summit County especially, people are often without their physical families close by.  People come and go, often leaving we locals lacking true connection and a sense of belonging.  Also, there are those who have been hurt by a church institution, or simply feel like the faith they once had no longer nurtures their soul.  

We feel that these reasons are a part of why One exists.  Our desire is to introduce people to their identity as created, loved sons and daughters of God--to walk alongside each other through life's questions and celebrations.

We encourage others as they navigate their journey with God but don't desire to prescribe the way that journey should look.

We are confident of one thing: you belong.  You are valuable to God and to this world.  If you don't know that, feel that, from the tips of your toes, then we hope that you will join us at One and discover this truth for yourself!